What Is The Coffee Belt?

What is the coffee belt? The coffee belt refers to the equatorial regions of the earth where coffee is most easily grown—between 25 degrees north of the equator and 30 degrees south, a range almost entirely overlapping the Tropics, according to the National Coffee Association. This region includes coffee-producing areas such as Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica,…
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Coffee Recipes: Americano

Here’s how to make an Americano, aka Caffe Americano! This popular coffee drink smooths the bitterness of espresso with hot water. What’s better than a great Americano coffee? Bitter and dark espresso is incredible, don’t get us wrong. But here’s the thing: it’s over so fast! Smooth it out with a Caffe Americano, espresso that’s…
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French Press VS Pour over manual brewing made easy

Over the years manual coffee has become increasingly popular over traditional drip or cups Whether its frazzled college students or professionals the reality is that a large majority of coffee drinkers will take their time to make the perfect cup.