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Cauldryn Coffee by itself
Pouring Coffee from a press into Cauldryn Coffee heated travel mug
Cauldryn Coffee on a black background with steam
Cauldryn Coffee at Times Square
Construction worker taking  break with the Cauldryn Coffee
Cauldryn Coffee shown with the free app
Cauldryn digital heating module.
Plug in base for Cauldryn heated coffee mugs

Cauldryn™ Coffee Smart Mug

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Temperature Control: Set any temperature you want between room temperature and boiling.

10 Hour Battery Life: Keep your beverage just the way you like it all day.

Easy to Read LCD Display: Check your temperature at a glance.

Easy to Use Controls: Simply use the up and down arrows or the free app to control the temperature of your beverage.


Includes: Cauldryn™ smart mug, lid, heating element, battery, desktop power coaster, charging cable


Select any temperature you want between room temp and boiling, and CAULDRYN COFFEE will keep it precisely there ALL DAY! You no longer have to worry about rushing through your cup of coffee or using the microwave to heat it back up. CAULDRYN COFFEE's 10 hour battery life means you can have your coffee or tea at the perfect temp from the first sip to the last. It makes every sip perfect.

Missed half your lunch break waiting for the microwave? 

Not today!

CAULDRYN COFFEE's powerful heating element can do more than just keep your coffee hot. You can brew coffee, heat up soup, cook, even boil right in the bottle.

Use the simple arrow buttons on the bottle to set your temperature, or use the free phone app to control it from a distance. The app even has one touch settings for common tasks like brewing green tea, or cooking freeze dried food.

CAULDRYN COFFEE's design is modular. That means that the battery and heating element are removable for easy cleaning, and the attachment of optional accessories like our blender that can chop ice. It turns your CAULDRYN COFFEE into a mobile smoothie/frozen drink machine.

You can use CAULDRYN COFFEE's powerful battery or the included plug in base to power it all day. The plug in base will still provide a wire free drinking experience.  You can even use the optional Vehicle Base to power it from your 12V outlets.

With multiple power options and a spill-proof design, CAULDRYN COFFEE is made for people on the go.

 What's Included:  Cauldryn mug, battery, desk base, 2.0 heating element, power cord, and lid.




Battery Capacity: 37.75 Wh
Liquid Capacity: 16 oz
Weight with Battery: 1.65 lb
Weight without Battery: 1 lb
Diameter: 3.75 in
Height without Battery: 8 in
Height with Battery: 10.5 in
Primary Material: Stainless steel
Color: Black
Temperature Scales: Celsius and Fahrenheit
Bluetooth Technology: Yes
Model Number: CCS1

Ready when 
you are.

Ideal Uses

Keep coffee hot, brew coffee & tea, sterilize water, heat soup, boil water

How to Use

Press the button on the battery to turn it on. When the LCD screen lights up, you can use the up and down arrows to set your desired temperature. Toggling to the optional battery saving mode allows for extended battery life.