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Cauldryn Blender Bottle shown with blender attachment and battery pack
Making a smoothie in the Cauldryn Blender
Cauldryn Blender bottle shown with blender attachment
Cauldryn Blender attachment
Cauldryn Blender Bottle

Cauldryn™ Blender

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Rejoin the party!

Who doesn't like a good frozen drink?  Unfortunately, the need for a blender means that you need to be near an outlet to make them.  Not anymore!  Meet the CAULDRYN BLENDER. Never has it been easier to make frozen cocktails, healthy smoothies and more.  The CAULDRYN BLENDER is the battery-powered blender that makes all of your favorite drinks, and makes you the life of the party.

Powerful enough to crush ice and make a variety of frozen drinks, CAULDRYN BLENDER untethers you to the outlet. Take it anywhere.  Whether you need to whip up a post gym pick me up, or think Bigfoot might like margaritas, the CAULDRYN BLENDER can tag along on all of your adventures.

You can even look to combo it with our popular CAULDRYN COFFEE (the blender and our heating bases can interchange!), and go right from grinding fresh coffee beans to brewing a perfect cup of joe. 

Technical Specifications:

Battery Capacity: 37.75 Wh
Liquid Capacity:  16 oz
Weight with Battery: 2.4 lb
Weight without Battery: 1.7 lb
Diameter:  3.75 in
Height with Battery:  12 in
Height without Battery:  9.5 in
Primary Material:  Stainless steel
Color: Black
Model Number: CBS1

Ideal Uses:  frozen drinks, grind coffee, shakes, meal replacement and powdered supplement mixes

What's Included:  Cauldryn mug, battery, blender base, power cord, and lid