Our Story

They said it couldnt be done

That’s what product engineers and the majority of bottle designers at Outdoor Retailer said to Cauldryn Chief designers. Boiling water from a battery was to energy intensive. Thats how the the story began, For Cauldryn the bottle itself was an obvious category while the category was massive and with a major push against single use water bottle and coffee cups. The industry as a whole had every cup, mug , bottle and design imaginable different sizes, shapes and colors however they were all fundamentally the same. The burning question was how to enter the market with a truly differential product. The seeds of Cauldryn were planted.

Cauldryn Coffee Pro

18 months of testing

The Concept was not only to produce a bottle that could control temperature but could do what know one else had achieved a few thought possible boil water with the bottle using a compact battery. Few gave the quest credibility with the prevailing sentiment ” that it was impossible because bioling water was too energy intensive ” It took 18 moths of testing, multiple system evaluations and more testing before the breakthrough. Cauldryn was the first, and to our knowledge the only product that can fully boil ( 212°) water with a battery.

The Evolution of Cauldryn

Cauldryn over the years has evolved quite a bit, while the core functionality has remained the same we are constantly looking at new ways to improve be it design or technology our goal is to have The Only Temperature Control Mug that Users use and love.

Cauldryn Fyre

 The 1st  generation  of Cauldryn designed to be  an off- grid solution for hot coffee & tea, cooking, as well as emergency preparedness

Cauldryn Coffee

 The  2nd generation Cauldryn Coffee 2.0  provided much of the same features as the the Cauldryn Fyre while adding an LCD  screen and  external temerature control and a 10 hour battery. 

Cauldryn Coffee Pro

 The New Cauldryn Coffee Pro  break the mold  for Cauldryns Design and enginneering by providing an ergonomic mug, secret til- lit LED lighter smaller battery and 10+ hours of battery power. 

Cauldryn Tech in a lunch box

The same patented heating technology developed for award winning Cauldryn bottle has now also been adapted to heat food. Introducing the Hot Bento a cordless battery powered lunch box that offers hot from home food anywhere anytime.

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