Cauldryn Coffee Pro ( Black )

Cauldryn Coffee Pro ( Black )

(19 customer reviews)


Cauldryn Coffee Pro All Day Temperature Control Mug 

SET your perfect drinking temperature and keep it at the perfect temperature all day. 

 The Cauldryn Coffee Pro is the perfect travel mug. Whether you are in the office or at home or camping, or on a road trip, the Cauldryn Coffee Pro will keep your beverages hot and at the perfect temperature all day long. 

  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature for up to 10 hours while you’re on the go; the included desk base can power it all day long without the battery
  • CONVENIENT APP: Pairs with a phone app through Bluetooth communication; from the home screen, you can select from 5 preset temperatures or dial in your own
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Choose a temperature using the app or the buttons on the mug next to the LCD display.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Use this smart mug to brew coffee, boil water, cook freeze-dried foods, brew green or black tea, heat up your soup, or regulate any drink’s temperature
  • COMPLETE SETUP: Includes a 16-ounce travel mug, 3.0 heating element, battery, desk base, power cord, and a lid; ideal for road trips, camping, hunting, and long days at the office

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The Cauldryn Coffee Pro All Day Temperature Control Mug will keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature with its rechargeable battery that offers up to 10 hours of temperature control. The long-lasting battery and 16 oz. capacity make this mug ideal for road trips, days at the office or in a tree stand, and weekend campers. The Cauldryn Coffee Mug pairs with the Cauldryn app via a Bluetooth connection. You can control the temperature of your beverage with the app, which offers preset temperatures for green tea, black tea, brewing coffee, boiling water, and cooking freeze-dried food on the home screen. You can manually control the temperature of your coffee with the app’s custom dial control. Once you set the mug’s temperature, it will regulate automatically even if you disconnect your phone. The temperature can also be set using the buttons on the right side of the LCD display. The battery power level is displayed through the procession of 4 lights under the power button on the battery. The Cauldryn Coffee Mug offers plenty of heating power so you can enjoy your preferred beverage at the perfect temperature.

19 reviews for Cauldryn Coffee Pro ( Black )

  1. Jay

    5.0 out of 5 stars Hot (not warm) coffee, happy buyer!

    I commute every morning 45 minutes to work. Invariably my coffee is lukewarm before I arrive. This product was recommended to me by a friend and I am finished using other coffee cups and yeti style mugs.

    Not only does this device keep my coffee hot for the drive, it actually heats it to make it hot throughout the day.

    The assembly is foolproof and the function is straightforward. I downloaded the app and it has made using this device as simple as it can possibly be.

    I’m excited to use this device on my next outdoor camping adventure as this baby will boil water in minutes!!!

    Happy with my purchase and happy to be drinking hot, not warm coffee all day long.

  2. Chang Le

    Not Bulky and it gets the job done.

    Not Bulky and the battery last quite long. It heats up water from 15 to 55 degree Celcius in about 10 to 15 minutes. Battery fully charged can heat up water like this abt 4 to 5 times. It takes 3-4 hours to charge the battery. Same cable is used for the battery base and charging base so can’t use them at the same time. The lid seals quite well. Price similar like Ember but more temperature control and more battery, it lasts much longer. I like to attach the battery base for heating and remove after it is heated. This way the cup is easier and lighter to travel.

  3. Bev

    Best gift ever

    It’s so difficult to buy a Birthday present for my husband… That he will like and use. This was the best gift I’ve ever given him! He loves it and uses it every day. This is an awesome product!

  4. Gretchen

    Great cup for office or hunting use

    This cup is amazing! It keeps your drink warm the entire day and even boils water for making tea or ramen noodles! Perfect for anybody that has an office job. The battery life is great I kept mine on for 8 hours and it was still fully charged. Also when the cup is heating or even boiling liquid the cup itself doesn’t change the temperature on the outside so no burnt hand.

  5. Nick

    My wife LOVES this!

    Got this for my wife’s birthday and she doesn’t go anywhere without it! The only thing that I dislike about it, Is that she doesn’t share 😛 – GREAT GIFT! it does keep my wife’s coffee and tea hot all day, can actually boil water!

  6. Jamie

    Very nice

    When my mother-in-law requested this as a late Christmas present, I questioned why this cost so much. Well, upon her opening the box and showing me everything it can do, I immediately understood. I then was treated with the experience of watching her use all of its features and let me say, wow. I might have to buy one for myself with the yet-to-come Christmas money!

  7. Layne

    heated liquid faster than expected

    Pleasantly surprised, the system heated the liquid faster than expected.
    I like how much battery power is available, but the cup, liquid, and battery are relatively heavy.
    The display is easy to read, controls have located either side of the display

  8. Erin

    Awesome investment

    LOVE my Cauldryn! Get one now! You won’t regret it guys!

  9. Ted

    Exactly what I needed!
    Excellent for office bulletproof coffee!

  10. Jay

    Ember could learn a thing or two from Cauldryn

    So I received the 14 oz Ember travel mug for Christmas and was super excited for all-day hot coffee. After a few weeks, the excitement faded and was similar to a 9-year-old getting socks and underwear for Christmas. In January I heard of the New Cauldryn from a friend and quickly returned my lackluster ember for a pre-ordered Cauldryn. After a long month of Yeti Coffee and just after Valentine’s Day my Cauldryn finally arrived. Here is what I found, out of the box my cauldryn lasted about 3-4 hours on its initial charge. I emptied the battery at 160° for about for hours, Not bad. Out of the box, my ember lasted 45- 60 min, I know with Lithium-Ion batteries you sometimes need to wear them down to get a full charge, Nope ember was consistent with 45- 60 min. THE LID ok so the ember mug has a 360° leakproof lid SOUNDS GREAT… it’s not that it might not leak however in order to open it you have to touch the surface of the lid that comes in contact with your mouth. I’m not a germaphobe however during Covid Christmas I had more GermX coffee from hand sanitized fingers coming in contact with the lid than I care to ever have. The Cauldryn Lid isn’t special but at least I don’t have to question what germs are lurking on the lid. Cauldryn is 16 oz ember is 12 oz, With all of that said my biggest issue was that Ember with all of its celeb endorsements and big price tag when you go through all of their books of instructions and dig deep enough you will find a tiny piece of paper that warns you if you don’t put and have hot coffee in ember to start off with it greatly reduces the battery life. Ember recommends 135° to start off with anything less than cuts battery life by 50% Ember has a temo control range of 120°-145° its an essentially a mug warmer. Now my Cauldryn on the other hand can heat water from the Tap Keeps my coffee hot all day and can boil water. The boiling water was pretty impressive and I wasn’t to totally shocked when the battery died after boiling the water as i have never seen ANYTHING boil water from a battery intentionally. The Fact that Cauldryn also breaks completely down for easy cleaning was another big plus for me. Ember has an IPX7 rating and supposedly you can submerge the mug in up to 3 feet of water however the comfort level i have of submerging and handwashing anything with a battery isn’t very high. All in all, I am happy to have stumbled on to the Cauldryn and hope this helps others as well.

  11. Judy

    I’m a sipper, long lasting battery life

    My husband bought this for me and I love it. I sip my coffee and usually drink 2 cups during the day. I would heat my coffee multiple time through out the morning in the microwave. This mug keeps my coffee at 137 degrees for hours.

    We RV travel a lot for long hours. We usually stop at McDonals in the morning for breakfast and medium coffees. Usually about a half hour down the road the coffee is no longer hot. I like my coffee hot. With this mug it keeps my coffee at 137 degrees (that is my set point, yours may be different). This mug holds 10 ounces. A McDonalds medium coffee is 16 ounces. I can fill the mug and when the mug gets low on coffee I just add the rest of the cold coffee from the McDonals paper cup and the Cauldryn almost instantly heats my coffee to 137 degrees.

  12. PQadmin

    Great product, keeps coffee the perfect temperature and great for commuting!

    Cauldryn has truly created an innovative and useful product with the Temperature Control Travel Mug. First off, the mug is very aesthetically pleasing and functions perfectly as a travel mug. The mug has a great tactile feel and that just the start of what makes this product great!

    The mug is very easy to use and set up. Right out of the box it takes very little time to set up and the app is very intuitive. Once set up, fill it with your favorite beverage,power on the battery and set the mug to your desired temperature and you’re all set, it’s that easy! The mug does a great job of keeping your coffee at the perfect temperature for a long time, mine lasted much longer then the stated 8 hours. Also, the charging coaster is perfect for working at a desk as it will keep your coffee warm all day long!

    Once you have used the product for a few days you will really get to know the exact degree that you like your coffee at! Mine is 127 degrees! I highly recommend this mug to any coffee lover and it makes a great gift for any coffee enthusiast, its the perfect combination of technology to make your coffee that much more enjoyable!

  13. PQadmin

    I would buy it again in a heart beat!

    Absolutely love this! If you like coffee/tea or any hot beverage as much as I do the ability to have temperature control is something I can’t live without not. Initially, a “smart” mug seemed silly but I take it back now haha. It has a phone app but I never use it as the stand alone mug is all you need. The propriety charger sucks as you cant have it plugged in the car or on the go but other than that it’s awesome!

  14. PQadmin

    Love it

    I thought this was a crazy extravagance so I didn’t buy it. Luckily my wife got it for me. I love it. I work from home and was always putting my coffee in the microwave. Now the Cauldryn keeps it at just the right temperature all morning. I drink green tea in the afternoon and like it at a different temperature. The only downside is the lid broke but customer support was great and sent me a free replacement.

  15. PQadmin

    Expensive, but never going back

    I’ve always had a hard time drinking tea a the right temperature for me. It’s way too hot at first and then it would only be pleasantly drinkable for ~5-10 min before becoming cold. I used to constantly add in splashes of fresh boiling water to try and revive my cup but it often went too far or did too little and required getting up.

    I’ve now had my Cauldryn for several months now and I’ve used it every workday day since then. I love how I can keep drinking tea all day at the right temperature at my desk on the charging stand but still take it to go to meetings and such.

    I did have an issue with an earlier charge base failing but support quickly sent a replacement for free. Later the first mug I bought died after 1 month ( a battery issue ) but again Support was quick to take a look and issued a fresh replacement. Really impressed with the service and the product!

  16. PQadmin

    Excellent Product / Excellent Company that takes care of it’s customers

    Besides never having to have cold coffee and having it at the perfect temperature until it is done, they take ownership of making sure their customers are taken care of. Other companies should take a lesson from how Cauldryn takes care of their customers. As we all know with products that have technology sometimes things don’t always go right, but the way a company takes care of its customers speaks to the high quality of the product and the care that they put into making sure it is manufactured well. I have bought one of these mugs and 3 more mugs as gifts. I do know for a fact that the gifts are well-loved and used. If you like your beverage to always be at the perfect temperature, this is definitely worth the investment. Enjoy!

  17. PQadmin

    Spoiled Now – need my Cauldryn all the time

    It took me a long time to buy this, but now that I have, I don’t want my coffee in any other mug. I bought an extra coaster so I have one at work and home. Yes, I’m hooked. I’m a slow coffee drinker and so it is perfect for me at work so my coffee is always at a perfect temperature – whether I am sitting at my desk forgetting about it or if I have to run to a conference room for a meeting. I was always drinking cooler coffee or ruining it by reheating it in the microwave all the time. Now I don’t have to do that and my coffee is always great. It’s easy to clean and use too.

  18. PQadmin

    Great for any drink

    This was purchased as a gift to an active coffee drinker. I was a little weary about buying it, as some of the reviewers didn’t love the battery , but I’ve been eyeing it for a while and decided to pull the trigger anyway.
    Initially impressed by how sleek and compact it looked, as other temperature control travel mugs are bulky and very heavy. Controls and settings are very easy to learn and use; I also liked the app feature. The mug will maintain the desired temperature of 4-8hours It also keeps the drink warm for a while after the battery dies.
    Overall it was a great gift and item that works just as described. If the price wasn’t so high, I would definitely purchase another one.

  19. PQadmin

    This thing is truly an EMBER KILLER !!AMAZING!! We have fuzted for years with the Ember heated mugs that break within 2 months…once u walk this thru, not complicated at all….every part of it is quality…mug itself, lid really closes easily, nice texture to drink from…startup directions easy (they do neglect to say charge mug first, but most people know that). Husband kept his on charger, lasted well over 8 hours. I keep tea (130°) off charger for 2 hours…sure, pricey, but we have wasted way more on lesser products. Will be gifting our techy friends this holiday.

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