Cauldryn Coffee Pro (White )

Cauldryn Coffee Pro (White )

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Cauldryn Coffee Pro All Day Temperature Control Mug

SET your perfect drinking temperature and keep it at the perfect temperature all day. 

 The Cauldryn Coffee Pro is the perfect travel mug. Whether you are in the office or at home or camping, or on a road trip, the Cauldryn Coffee Pro will keep your beverages hot and at the perfect temperature all day long. 

  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature for up to 10 hours while you’re on the go; the included desk base can power it all day long without the battery
  • CONVENIENT APP: Pairs with a phone app through Bluetooth communication; from the home screen, you can select from 5 preset temperatures or dial in your own
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Choose a temperature using the app or the buttons on the mug next to the LCD display.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Use this smart mug to brew coffee, boil water, cook freeze-dried foods, brew green or black tea, heat up your soup, or regulate any drink’s temperature
  • COMPLETE SETUP: Includes a 16-ounce travel mug, 3.0 heating element, battery, desk base, power cord, and a lid; ideal for road trips, camping, hunting, and long days at the office

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The Cauldryn Coffee Pro All Day Temperature Control Mug will keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature with its rechargeable battery that offers up to 10 hours of temperature control. The long-lasting battery and 16 ounce capacity make this mug ideal for road trips, days at the office or in a tree stand, and weekend campers. The Cauldryn Coffee Mug pairs with the Cauldryn app via a Bluetooth connection. You can control the temperature of your beverage with the app, which offers preset temperatures for green tea, black tea, brewing coffee, boiling water, and cooking freeze-dried food on the home screen. You can manually control the temperature of your coffee with the app’s custom dial control. Once you set the mug’s temperature, it will regulate automatically even if you disconnect your phone. The temperature can also be set using the buttons on the right side of the LCD display. The battery power level is displayed through the procession of 4 lights under the power button on the battery. The Cauldryn Coffee Mug offers plenty of heating power so you can enjoy your preferred beverage at the perfect temperature.

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10 reviews for Cauldryn Coffee Pro (White )

  1. Raymond

    Two weeks in, it works great!

    This is the first heated, cordless mug that actually heats the coffee to 140 degrees and holds it for 4 hours. Now if only the mug continues to work for months to come it will be a great purchase. It’s a little large and heavy, but that’s fine if it keeps the coffee hot.

  2. pam

    It was a gift and he said it’s the greatest thing he’s ever had. It keeps his coffee at a constant self-selected temp all day.

  3. tonya

    On my Favorite Things list

    This mug is shortlisted as one of my Favorite Things, right after my dog. It’s so nice to make a cup of coffee and then get busy doing something else, and when I come back to it my coffee’s still a perfect 140°, right where I left it.

  4. lou

    Perfect temp to the very last drop!

    The bottom line
    – The mug works perfectly and does what it says it will do and kept my coffee within 2 degrees of my desired temperature the whole time
    – I did have an issue and I would give customer service 10 stars if I could for how they handled it

    Here is the longer more detailed review

    I was frustrated with my coffee being cold halfway through drinking it so was intrigued when I learned of the Cauldryn Coffee Pro mug. I had concerns as it was a new company and new technology. I read all the tech reviews I could find and all – yes all of the reviews on Amazon and lots of the reviews on the website
    I decided to wait as well let’s be real new tech is going to have issues but when I saw so many positive reviews coming through I decided to try it. I was still expecting that there was a chance I would have an issue but I was comforted by buying it through amazon.

    Well I did have an issue and customer service was everything you want it to be. No excuses, no blame the customer, they were sincere, genuinely wanted to resolve it, incredibly responsive and personal – no cliche copy paste corporate lines.
    My issue was one I had not seen anyone else comment on and Cauldryn said they had not heard of it but were very concerned.

    There is nothing this mug didn’t do that it said it would and it did everything it said it would.
    You may wish it did more but it’s only fair to measure it on what it promises and if you want to get cutting edge technology then realistically be prepared to have an issue but you should demand excellent customer service to rectify and they certainly provide that.

    A measure of a company is how well they manage a problem. Two thumbs up to Cauldryn support team!

    If you want to enjoy every drop of your coffee at the right temperature without gulping it down all at once I recommend this mug. It’s just made my mornings a whole lot more pleasant 😊

  5. stan.l

    Tea (Life) Changing!

    I recently purchased the Cauldryn temperature control mug because unlike my wife, I can’t drink my tea at 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. I always have to sit and wait for my tea to cool down to a temperature that won’t blister the inside of my mouth, and by the time I remember I was letting it cool down, it’s too cold to drink, leaving me with lukewarm, unsatisfying tea. When I first heard of the Cauldryn mug I was skeptical, but I finally gave in, and after a couple of days of use, I’m not sure how I started my mornings or finished off my afternoons without Cauldryn. It keeps my tea at the precise temperature of 117 degrees, right where I like it, for the hour-plus I lollygag around drinking it between emails and business calls. It’s such a simple, yet brilliant idea, I’m surprised it didn’t come along much sooner than it did. The only problem is trying to hide it from the wife before she can use it to keep her tea at a smoldering 1000 degrees, but if she does, the app allows me to keep my preferences and presets customized to my liking and hers to her liking. Two thumbs up!

  6. joe

    Time for some quality life decisions

    First off, if you’re here contemplating the price and you’ve made it this deep into the reviews, who are you kidding, you should buy it. It’s awesome.

    Alright, now into the nitty gritty:
    1) This won’t be the most attractive mug you own. You didn’t make the purchase for the sleek design, its function over beauty but it still looks good.
    2) You will never have to chug coffee when it hits the sweet spot again. Using other vacuum seal mugs I often need to let the coffee sit for 10 minutes with the lid off so I don’t burn my tongue, but if I wait too long I’ve got a lukewarm beverage. I really didn’t appreciate what a luxury having the perfect sip was prior to owning this mug. Early mornings are slightly more tolerable and I can’t go back now.
    3) I’ve read a few reviews about the battery life being short, but I haven’t experienced it myself. LIFEPROTIP: the hotter the coffee in the longer the battery lasts. Again not much of an issue, but I’ve gotten more than the alleged five hours without a charge.
    4) I use this travel mug just as much at home as I do on the go. When working on projects I put this bad boy on the charging coaster on my desk and my coffee stays at 138 for forever. If their regular mug is more your style then far be it from me to convince you otherwise, but I like that this is more dynamic.
    5) I haven’t much tinkered with the app. They’ve made it so easy to control manually, but what tech would be complete without an app? None. You’ve gotta have the app.
    6) This is no regular travel mug and isn’t right for everyone. That’s okay. You’re probably not an average joe who tolerates some average joe. You’re likely someone who ended up here because you were genuinely interested in bettering your everyday coffee experience. For you, sir/madam/human this mug, this mug is for you.

  7. picky_paula

    I don’t typically like drinking coffee out of a stainless steel travel mug

    So I was looking for ceramic travel coffee mugs when I came across this little gem. I don’t typically like drinking coffee out of a stainless steel travel mug, but with the option of keeping my drink hot at all times, I was willing to take the risk. I took the time to read a lot of the reviews, which was very helpful. I am still learning (somewhat) on the charging of the mug for when I need to take it off of the charger for some time. But come on! Where else can you get a temperature-controlled mug?!?!?!?!?!?! The technology is amazing. I would definitely recommend this mug!

  8. cheapskate

    Worth the price

    I originally balked at spending this much on a mug, but it’s been worth the price. It’s just so nice to have a perfect-temperature drink ready and waiting all the time, even if I get distracted or pulled into a meeting before I get to drink it. Mine kept disconnecting from the app, and I eventually just gave up and left it disconnected, but it’s not much of a loss since you can adjust the temperature on the mug itself (and I just leave it at the same setting 95% of the time anyway). I’ve had it for over a month now and it works great – I use it 8 hours a day, pretty much every weekday, so overall not too bad. I don’t commute with it or subject it to extreme outdoor temperatures or being dropped, so that may also contribute to its longevity.

  9. Chupacabra

    Perfect for the OCD in Me

    Listen, this is a very expensive travel mug, we know that. You want this mug if you have a wife who drinks her tea very slow but wants it hot the whole time. Living with someone that is OCD everything in our home has a place and when things are out of place it creates chaos. Barbies have their own bin, Legos are separated by size shape, and color, socks in the sock drawer are separated by color, size, athletic, or leisure. So when it comes to tea there has never been anything that could get her just what she was looking for like Goldilocks her tea was either too hot or too cold but never just right. At least now with cauldryn we have solved the organizational challenge of the perfect beverage temperature. She loves it and uses it daily.

  10. Stu

    Wonderful Wundermug

    Fast shipping, received this mug next day after ordering. Arrived in neat iPhone-esque packaging that almost makes you want to hoard away the box and throw it away during a move, spring cleaning, or perhaps never. I digress and focus back on this futuristic mug that teleports me to a time in the not-so-distant future, or today, in which such worries of my coffee being too scalding or too cold are impercievably cruel notions of a dystopic present. But worried not with full intent on marching towards progress, I proceeded to charge my glossy black mug and waited eagerly for this new chapter of my life to begin.

    A new dawn: charging completed, as indicated and confirmed by several sources – my mug, and my phone. Life and devices fully synced like ray kurzweil 2029’s man and machine, singularity achieved a decade early. On I turned off my water kettle, wondering what entails and the endless possibilities of future cauldryn iterations. Mid-meandering thought, water was boiled and away I whisked whole heartedly at my matcha, watching it froth and present itself to the nu wundermug.

    Elation – the dangerously hot beverage dwindled down its temperature reading while I stared outside my window at a couple coyotes who approached. They could sense something different was afoot.

    My beverage was 138 and informed of the idyllic temperature I became. I took a cautious sip, allowing the warm beverage down my throat. Tea never tasted so good, so pure. This is how tea was meant to be had. Gone are the quaint days of mouth scalding and off putting lukewarm temperatures. Gone are the wasted beverages of yore. This majestic chalice of ember is the beacon to a new tomorrow, with perfect temps to delight its faithful customers through and through.

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