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Cauldryn Fyre Mobile
Cooking freeze dried food with the Cauldryn Fyre Mobile
Woman with the Cauldryn Fyre Mobile near a body of water in Amsterdam
Dutch couple making coffee with their Cauldryn Fyre Mobile
Girl sitting at a work desk with her Cauldryn Fyre Mobile
Cauldryn Fyre Mobile in a cup holder in a car
Cauldryn Fyre Mobile and a bag of freeze dried food at the base of a tree
Two men in the city commuting with Cauldryn Fyre Mobile
Man on the beach in Seward, Alaska with Cauldryn Fyre Mobile
Mobile Battery
Cauldryn Fyre Mobile disassembled

Cauldryn™ Fyre Mobile Smart Mug

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Temperature Control: Choose from 5 temperature settings.

20 Hour Battery Life: Keep your beverage just the way you like it all day.

Easy to Use: We’ve taken out the guesswork with pre-set temperatures.

Charge Other Devices:  2 USB power outs provide power to other devices.

Dual Spout Lid: Choose from hot or cold drink spouts.


Includes: Cauldryn™ smart mug, lid, heating element, battery, desktop power coaster, charging cable

Do you need hot water anytime, anywhere?

CAULDRYN FYRE MOBILE is our solution built for the outdoor adventurer.  Our first generation heating element and extra large battery capacity combine for a rugged tool that is just as happy cooking freeze dried food as it is keeping your coffee at the perfect temperature.
CAULDRYN FYRE MOBILE's powerful heating element can do more than just keep your coffee hot. You can brew coffee, heat up soup, cook, even boil right in the bottle.  This versatility and large battery capacity make this a great tool for outdoor adventure and emergency preparation. 
A simple 2 button interface and five pre-set temperature settings takes the guesswork out of survival.  Choose from:
Boil - 212 degrees (sterilize water and cook)
Brew - 205 degrees (brew coffee or black tea)
Extra Hot - 170 degrees (cook soup, freeze dried food, brew green tea, drink your coffee here if you like to feel the burn)
Hot 2 - 145 degrees (for people who like their coffee just a bit hotter than most)
Hot 1 - 135 degrees (the ideal coffee temp for most people)
You can use CAULDRYN FYRE MOBILE's powerful battery or the included plug in base to power it all day. The plug in base will still provide a wire free drinking experience. You can even use the optional Vehicle Base to power it from your 12V outlets.
The simplicity of CAULDRYN FYRE MOBILE's design keeps you focused on the little things even if you are using one of the most high-tech solutions available.
Ready when you are.
Technical Specifications:
Battery Capacity: 75.5 Wh
Battery Recharge Time: 4 hours
Liquid Capacity:  16 oz
Weight with Battery: 2.3 lb
Weight without Battery: 1 lb
Diameter:  3.75 in
Height with Battery:  12 in
Height without Battery:  8 in
Primary Material:  Stainless steel
Color: Black
Model Number: CFM1
Ideal Uses:  Keep coffee at your ideal temperature, brew coffee & tea, cook freeze-dried food, sterilize water, charge devices, heat soup, boil water

What's Included:  Cauldryn mug, battery, 1.0 heating element, desk base, power cord, and lid

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Cauldryn Fyre Mobile is NOT compatible with the Cauldryn 2.0 Heating Element or the Blender attachment. The heating base is not removable.